As Digital Marketing Director at OceanAir, I am responsible for the Brands: OceanAir, OceanAirians, Al Khayma and Al Marmoom. Al Khayma (=The Tent), is a notable brand offering a blend of authentic Bedouin Experiences in the Desert, alongside Michelin awarded Emirati Cuisine across its various locations in the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and within the Sheikh Zayed Festival at Al Wathba. The brand emphasizes traditional Emirati and Arabian lifestyle and culture, presenting visitors with a taste of tradition and local dining experiences. 
The restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are part of Al Khayma's broader aim to provide cultural-conscious dining venues that offer visitors a taste of Emirati traditions through authentic experiences that reflect the Arabian lifestyle of decades past. This includes not only the dining experience but also activities and experiences that immerse visitors in the Bedouin way of life, such as camping and desert excursions​​.
Overall, Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant and its associated experiences like Al Khayma Camps represent an effort to preserve and share the rich heritage of the UAE with locals and tourists alike, making it a unique brand that stands out for its commitment to authenticity and cultural preservation.
In my role, I oversee both internal and external communications, along with national and international public relations partnerships, focusing on enhancing our brand's value. As a brand ambassador, I am committed to fostering and nurturing relationships with local stakeholders and our international counterparts. A key aspect of my responsibilities includes representing the cultural values of the UAE and promoting its renowned cuisine. This task is integral to our mission as it not only showcases the rich heritage of the UAE but also positions our brand as a conduit for cultural exchange and understanding on a global scale. My efforts are aimed at ensuring that our brand not only resonates with audiences worldwide but also serves as a testament to the UAE's vibrant culture and culinary excellence.

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