At the heart of Al Marmoom Oasis lies a captivating haven where the soul of Emirati culture is celebrated with every sip of traditional Arabic gahwa (coffee) – the Al Marmoom Oasis Café. This unique establishment is a symbol of where Emiratiness meets the modern world, offering a serene space for visitors to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of UAE heritage while enjoying the comforts and aesthetics of contemporary design. The café stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Emirati hospitality, serving not just coffee, but an entire cultural experience that honours the past while embracing the future.
Leading the project, the café itself is designed to be a fusion of tradition and innovation, where visitors can bask in an ambience that reflects the natural beauty of the Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve and the architectural elegance of modern Emirati design. Through its decor, the café tells the story of the UAE's journey from the simplicity of desert life to the sophistication of today's cosmopolitan society, all while staying true to its roots and values.
At Al Marmoom Oasis Café, we are committed to not only preserving but also showcasing the vibrant Emirati culture to the world. Through cultural workshops, poetry readings, and music evenings, the café serves as a dynamic platform for cultural exchange and learning, inviting guests to delve deeper into the history, art, and traditions of the Emirates. It is a place where the past and present merge, offering a unique opportunity to experience the soul of the UAE in a setting that is both tranquil and inspiring.

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