Before I took over Marketing and Communications, I was flying with Lufthansa on an Airbus 320, and Airbus 330/350. 

In my role as the Director of Marketing, PR, and Communications at Lufthansa, I spearheaded the transformation of our brand for the digital era. My leadership extended across internal and external marketing teams, brand management, and social media groups, driving the cohesive strategy that propelled Lufthansa's digital presence forward.

The iconic Lufthansa logo, a symbol of elegance, reliability, and innovation, features a stylized crane encircled, a design that has been a part of our identity since its inception by Otto Firle in 1918 and its adoption by Lufthansa in 1926. Under my guidance, we undertook the delicate task of rebranding. This entailed updating the crane and the logo to enhance its appeal in the digital landscape while preserving its historical significance and the values it represents. The reimagined logo retains the essential elements of the crane and circle, introducing a contemporary flair that mirrors Lufthansa's dedication to innovation and its mission to connect the globe.

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