As a Director of Digital Marketing and Brand Ambassador, I had the privilege to represent OceanAir at the WTM 2023 in London, UK. Standing at the very back together with my colleagues, Mrs Pamela Castillo, Director of Business Development, Mr Jasem Al Sheihhi, Business Development Manager, and Co-Founder and CEO of OceanAir Travels, Mr. Essam Al Salah.

As the Digital Marketing Director at OceanAir Travels, my role encompasses leading the Digital Development Team with a strategic focus on enhancing and expanding our digital presence through the creation and management of websites for OceanAir Travels and associated heritage and leisure projects. These projects include,,, and, where we bridge the timeless allure of Emirati heritage with the vibrant pulse of new Dubai.
OceanAir Travels is renowned for offering a wide range of tours and activities that cater to the adventurous spirit of global travellers, seeking to experience the beauty and cultural richness of the UAE. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, OceanAir Travels has established itself as a leader in the tourism industry, providing unforgettable experiences through meticulously curated tours.
Al Khayma Heritage is a unique concept that pays homage to the rich Emirati culture and traditions, offering authentic Bedouin experiences in the desert, alongside traditional Emirati cuisine at its restaurants and camps. Al Khayma seamlessly blends the essence of Emirati heritage with contemporary hospitality, creating immersive experiences that connect visitors with the soul of the UAE.
In my capacity, I am responsible for spearheading the digital transformation of these brands, ensuring that our websites and social presence not only serve as informative platforms but also encapsulate the essence and values of each brand. This involves a meticulous approach to digital strategy, incorporating cutting-edge technologies, user-centred design principles, and compelling content that engages and inspires our audience. My leadership in the digital domain is aimed at fostering growth, enhancing brand visibility, and driving meaningful interactions that translate into lasting relationships with our clientele. Through these digital initiatives, we aim to not only promote our diverse offerings but also to tell the story of the UAE's rich heritage and dynamic future, inviting travellers from around the world to explore and experience the wonders of this unique destination.

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